sayHEY - design,
development and operation

Simply secure

sayHEY is a free of charge end-to-end encrypted messaging app for Android and iOS. In addition to that, sayHEY provides a web application for sending and receiving messages at any time from any device. If the user wants to, sayHEY can be used as the standard text messaging app on Android.

... and useful.

sayHEY then is a unique blend of text and instant messaging - and everything completely encrypted. This app has been developed on behalf of the German mobile network operator simyo. The technical concept and the implementation was made by us.

Collaboration on JUICE

The ESA mission JUICE (JUpiter ICy moon Explorer) is scheduled to start in 2022 to investigate important questions concerning the nature and formation of the Jupiter system. The special focus of this mission is on the water, methane and carbon oxide resources of the Jupiter moons Ganymede, Callisto and Europa. Aided by the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research two essential

measuring instruments, the submillimeter-wave instrument (SWI) and the particle environment package (PEP) are being developed to examine chemical compounds. We work together with the Max Planck Society on the SWI, to integrate it with the satellite bus.

JUICE at Max-Planck (DE)

Collaboration on ConEd

ConEd (Conceptual Engineering Editor) is a new, efficient way to calculate the statics of buildings. The implementaion is made in Allegro Common Lisp. The ease of handling and its efficiency are the key factors for the civil engineer. We assist Eisfeld Ingenieure AG with this project.

The result of this is the software ConEd, which works the way engineers think. As a consequence, engineers not only work faster, but less error-prone, too. With ever shorter design processes this becomes increasingly important. ConEd is intuitive and easily operated without having to go through a long and time-consuming training period.

Pepa - Open Source DMS

Pepa is a document management system (DMS) and our foremost open source project. Its main purpose is archival of documents.

Upload a PDF via the browser, send it via email or print right into the system. Text will be extracted via OCR and individual pages will be rendered as images so that you can view them right in your browser when searching the archive. That way, all documents are available in digital form so that you don't need to keep as much paper anymore.

Both the Pepa server and web client are implemented in Clojure. Thus Pepa is platform independent, you can use it with any operating system of your choice.

Pepa Screenshot


We've helped ERPA Systeme GmbH with porting their most important product, the CAD software VPACK, to Apple's operating system OS X, adapt it for 64 bit and integrate it with Adobe Illustrator. VPACK is specialized on the design of packaging and stand-up displays.

VPack Screenshot

Web Platform

We've also developed a special interest online platform with CMS (~10,000 editorial articles), image gallery, web board / forum (~100,000 user posts), micro blogging, micro payment and social media integration.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to disclose what site it is exactly. It's also based on Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL.

Telephone system for
the Sparkassen Broker

The S Broker is the central online broker of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. The telephony system of the S Broker based on hana ICT includes various project-specific functions, such as a graphical call center & call agent management, rule-based voice recordings, a graphical interface to find

and retrieve these voice recordings, cryptographic signing of the most important data and some very specific adjustments according to the demands of the works council to protect the employees.

Telephone system
for Media Ventures

The Media Ventures GmbH is a holding company based in Cologne. Its main focus is on technology, media, telecommunications and eCommerce. Media Ventures was hana ICT's launch customer in 2008, brought many ideas to the product and

is using it ever since. The telephony system is construed in a completely redundant manner and possesses a customer-specific reporting interface.