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You have ideas and projects, we have the smart heads, right tools and methods to implement them. Do you have a vague notion or already specific demands? We gladly help you with competent advice and process structures in order to mutually implement your ideas.


You would like to shape the processes in your company more efficiently and more transparently? We gladly assist you in streamlining them and mapping them one-on-one onto IT. Processes thereby become more reliable, faster and more cost-efficient. For further satisfaction the management, staff and if desired your clients, too, can gain detailed insight into your now streamlined processes.


You deploy software that you are accustomed to and that has proven to be reliable for you, but want to use that software online now, on Android, iOS, Linux or Apple's OS X? Or do you want to further integrate that software into other programs or different processes? With your help, we can work out a way to port your established systems.

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Agile development

We rely on a healthy mix of design and agile software development to make short development cycles possible and to make good decisions. This is the best way for us to develop high quality software at reasonable costs. Furthermore, it enables us to react flexibly to new conditions like market requirements, customer demands and ideas, technical environments and interfaces. This lean, low-risk and undogmatic process has proven reliable in our projects.


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Our technologies


We use the powerful software Git for version control and source code management. This enables our team to work together on projects safely and efficiently.


CHICKEN Scheme is a programming language initially created by one of our team members (based on an MIT standard) and is a favorite of ours since it is a portable, fast and dynamic high-level language.


We like the lightweight implementation and high availability of software written in Erlang. Therefore, we gladly employ this language to develop server software.


The linux distribution NixOS is based on the functional package manager Nix. Reliable updates, usage of different versions of software at the same time and many other interesting features make NixOS the preferred platform for development for many of our team members.

Facebook React

We use Facebook's open source framework React to develop the user interface for our web applications. It can be combined readily with other technology we like, such as ClojureScript.


In our view, PostgreSQL is the most stable, most powerful and most reliable relational database. Its permissive open source license makes it especially interesting for commercial use.


Ruby is a programming language developed by a programmer to be enjoyed by programmers. We really like that Ruby empowers our programmers to work as pleasantly and efficiently as in hardly any other language. Being 20 years old, it is a comparatively young programming language.


Clojure is a functional programming language hosted on the JVM. As a modern LISP, it provides all the good parts of this family of languages as well as all benefits from the Java world. Correspondingly, ClojureScript provides a pleasant and efficient way to develop for the web.


The JVM is the basis of many successful software products. Due to many excellent libraries it is a good choice to develop new projects.


We run our laptops, servers and mobile devices on operating systems based on the free and open source kernel Linux. In our view it provides the best environment to develop and deploy software.


As a database library for many programming langauges, SQLite is suited especially for the lightweight deployment in mobile or embedded devices, such as set-top boxes or machine controls. We appreciate its powerfulness derived from concepts such as transactions, subselects, views and triggers.


Ever since 2006, we use the Ruby based web framework Rails for many projects like the telephone system hana ICT, fonity and many internal tools as well.

We focus our attention on


Time is precious. That is why we attach importance to the fact that the software we develop for you gets its job done as efficiently as possible. A fine grasp of the problem at hand, the best suited technology and correct and efficient algorithms are key here.
Of course, this also means that the architecture of the software and the infrastructure is designed in such a way that it can be adjusted to new needs and challenges.


We want you to be able to rely on the software we develop for you. That is why we focus on stability and reliability.
The best foundation for a stable software are developers that understand the used technologies and know which tool is best suited for the task at hand, whether it is the programming language or the most secure cryptographic library.
Before newly written code becomes part of the project, there will always be a thorough review by at least one other of our developers. Diligent tests are another key factor to guarantee the stability and reliability of your software.


While developing or deploying software, security always plays a vital role.
To ensure security and trustworthiness, you really have to know your trade. That is why we rely not only on the competence of our staff, but also on the established and familiar technology, whether we deal with the operating system of our servers, the cryptographic libraries or the database software.

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