1. Using PostgreSQL Enums in Clojure

    • by
    • mu

    17th of March 2017

    In this article we show how one can use PostgreSQL's ENUM types in Clojure via clojure.java.jdbc.

  2. Decimal-to-binary game

    • by
    • me

    23rd of February 2017

    The decimal-to-binary game introduces people that are not too familiar with IT and how computers work in a playful way to the binary numeral system.

  3. Continuous Delivery with GitLab CI and Ansible (part 1)

    • by
    • gh

    2nd of December 2016

    This article is the first part of a series which will show you how to deploy your GitLab CI pipeline artifacts using Ansible. GitLab CI is the Continuous Integration solution shipped with GitLab which builds your projects automatically. Combining it with Ansible, a simple, yet powerful provisioning/deployment automation solution, will give you easy-to-use Continuous Delivery. We will start with the big picture of all involved physical and technological machinery, come up with a plan on how to add proper Ansible support to all your GitLab projects and walk you through a step-by-step implementation of the plan.

  4. EuroClojure 2016 Impressions

    • by
    • mh
    • cl
    • at

    20th of November 2016

    A group of four bevuta developers (including one of our apprentices) traveled to Bratislava to attend this year’s EuroClojure which took place there on October 25th and 26th. As always, the two days (and nights) were brimming with informative and inspiring talks both on and off the stage. Here’s our report on it!

  5. What's cloud computing?

    • by
    • pb

    28th of October 2016

    Many people are using "the Cloud" quite naturally. But it seems that most people do not really know what it actually means. The "Cloud" is something abstract, doesn't denote a thing really, but many. This article wants to shed a light on the various subject-specific and technical aspects from the perspective of an engineer and entrepreneur: the question what the different kinds of "Cloud" really are technically speaking to economic risks and chances as well as the question of the security of (personal) data.

  6. Using clojure.spec to declaratively parse query parameters

    • by
    • mu

    12nd of September 2016

    This post will introduce you to a new clojure core library that will be part of the Clojure 1.9 release called clojure.spec. After a short introduction it will go into detail on how we use it for some non-trivial applications like specifying, validating, and handling HTTP URL query parameters.

  7. NULL

    • by
    • pb

    8th of September 2016

    It is 2016 now, and blogs are no longer a hype. But maybe this is just a reason more to start a new one now. The medium is not fresh and shiny any longer, but it still has it’s raison d'être.