We are bevuta. We develop your Software.

"Just ask the people at bevuta, they've got everything you need." – that’s what a developer recently told a business person who was looking for contributors to a complex software project. And he was right, because we are database nerds, UX tamers and crypto talents, concept professionals and planning heroes.

Above all, though, we are a team. And we have been for many years.

As different as we are – we have something in common and that unites us: we love our jobs, and we are still fascinated by the possibilities that digital technologies offer us.

Who works here

Would you like to put your projects in our hands? Get to know your future contacts.

Pablo Beyen

Pablo Beyen

Founder and Managing Director

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Moritz Heidkamp

Moritz Heidkamp

Head of Development

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Johanna Luetgebrune

Johanna Luetgebrune

Business Developer

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Christine Linnartz

Christine Linnartz

Project Manager

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Clemens Maaßen

Clemens Maaßen

Requirements Engineer

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Lars Naber

Lars Naber

Requirements Engineer

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Sebastian Glanert

Sebastian Glanert

Finance and Administration

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Feelgood Manager

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How we work

We know that our work also has an impact on society. We bear this responsibility with conviction and a clear attitude.

We stand for an open, diverse and free society. Our commitment to diversity is also reflected in our team: where our employees come from and with whom they share their lives is just as irrelevant to us as their skin colour or school grades. We employ people with and without disabilities, with a degree from a secondary school or with a PhD. We also don’t care if somebody is from Düsseldorf or from Cologne. But they all have one thing in common: they are really good at what they do.

We’re not just good at our work, we also love it – with all our heart and soul. That’s why we only take on projects that are compatible with our attitude and that we fully support. The same applies to our cooperation with business partners or contractors.

We are convinced that we can only face our planet’s critical problems by developing sustainable solutions and by a turnaround in energy and traffic policies. That’s why we use efficient hardware, energy-saving code and renewable energies. We support electric mobility, ride sharing and intelligent intermodal transport concepts.

Live, Work, Create

Our Favourite Tools

Our projects are always "on the edge" and state-of-the-art. We mean that quite literally, as we have a genuine connection to science and always keep up to date with new findings and methods. We are not influenced by trends and hypes, but we make our decisions based on the benefits for the respective project. We use the latest cryptographic methods as well as well-proven programming languages.

For your software project, we can draw on a huge pool of technologies with which we build sustainable solutions that pay for themselves in the long term.


We rely on Git for version control and source code management. This allows our team to work together safely and efficiently on all our projects.


CHICKEN Scheme is one of our favourite programming languages. It is based on an MIT standard; one of our team members designed and implemented the Chicken compiler and interpreter. Today, there are several dozen people working on this project. We value it as a very portable, high-performance and dynamic high-level language.


Erlang is a programming language that enables very simple implementation and high availability of a product. That’s reason enough to use it to develop server-side software.


NixOS is a Linux distribution based on the software management tool Nix. Features such as reliable, simultaneous updates for different software versions make it the preferred environment for our developers.

Facebook React

React is a framework developed by Facebook. We like to use it to develop user interfaces for web applications. The big advantage is that React works seamlessly with other technologies that we value, such as ClojureScript.


PostgreSQL is a very fast, stable, versatile and reliable relational (SQL) and document-oriented (NoSQL) database. Its liberal Open Source licence is as user-friendly as the support of all relevant operating systems.


Ruby is a programming language that enables the pleasant and efficient development of software products. Designed by a developer for developers, it offers exactly what we value most.


Clojure is a functional programming language based on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). As a modern LISP, it offers our developers all the advantages of this language family as well as all the advantages of the large Java world. Similarly, ClojureScript offers us a convenient and efficient way to program web applications.


Many companies use the Java programming language and therefore the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Thanks to many excellent libraries, we think the Java ecosystem is a good choice for the development of new projects.


We operate our notebooks, servers and mobile phones with Linux-based systems. For us, this is the best environment for developing and operating software.


SQLite is a database library for numerous common programming languages. We value its lightweight use in mobile devices or embedded devices such as cars and other machines.


Rails is the prototype of the modern web framework and is based on the Ruby programming language. Rails has been the basis of many of our projects since 2006.


GitLab is a web application for the version management of software projects. It helps us to keep track from a technical point of view and to carry out our binding code reviews.


Debian is a free operating system based on Linux that has been doing its job reliably since 1993. The advantage of Debian is the large number of available applications and tools. We especially like to use Debian to run servers.


Python is a universal programming language that is easy to learn and read. We like Python for its wide range of application possibilities. Especially in projects that process large amounts of data (big data) or use artificial intelligence, Python shows its strengths.

Who we work with

Tim Schumacher

Cologne-based start-up investor and co-founder of the SaaS.group. In the DeployBot project we work closely with Tim and are responsible for the operation and the further development of this SaaS solution for developers.


A project by Sebastian Cohnen, who is an expert on large-scale load tests. He uses his StormForger to test large offers in the media sector with several million simulated users. His tests also helped us with our development of the encrypted messaging platform sayHEY.

Genuin4 Digital Relations

Corporate communications in Cologne. For the web. Genuin4 communicates content and messages in a meaningful and targeted way. Corporate topics become stories, thoroughly researched and excitingly told. With text, image and web video, using the means provided by the Internet.

Dr. Katja Flinzner · contentIQ

Author, corporate blogger and consultant for digital topics. She’s the interface between content and SEO and writes tailor-made content that convinces people and machines alike. Katja is chief blogger and text nerd at bevuta IT and writes as a freelancer about all sorts of topics related to bevuta, covering our everyday life, software development, digital transformation & Co.


Snom Technology AG manufactures high-performance IP telephones that we use in numerous setups. Together with Snom, we have already implemented several projects such as the World/European Cup ticker and an Advent calendar that could be accessed via the internal browser of Snom telephones. We also write applications for Snom phones like the Open Source Phonebook.


Sascha Ludwig & Friends organise the telephony on all important hacker events and also other events in and around Germany. Our experience: the network only works sometimes, telephony with Eventphone always. We contribute some of the call numbers.

Anna-Lena Kümpel

Moderator & speaker covering topics like innovation, digital transformation, networking & start-ups. Our favourite strategy advisor.


Storrito is an editor to create Instagram Stories. Like us, Storrito uses Clojure and is based in Cologne – only two of several reasons why we feel a connection.

PC Office Cologne

PC Office Cologne are specialists in computer hardware and have been our partners for over 15 years.

Whom we support

eco e.V.

We are children of the Internet and the net is the air that we breathe. That is why we are a member of the German Association of the Internet Industry (eco-Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft e.V.) – and with conviction. For us, eco e.V. is not just a trade association, but stands for a free, equal Internet without surveillance, something that we really care about.


The Astropeiler is a fascinating piece of technical history. For us, technology is not only a means to an end, but also an elementary part of our culture. It’s important to us to preserve "old" technology as a cultural asset. The impressive radio telescope in the Eifel region (Stockert) offers the general public access to space that is only rarely available. Therefore we support Astropeiler e.V.

More information about the Astropeiler available in the Podcast/CRE by Tim Pritlove…

Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.

Knowledge is power, and free knowledge is power for all of us. For us, free access to knowledge is a pillar of modern society. That is why we support Wikipedia, not just with content, but also financially, because for us it is the modern library of Alexandria. Never before has there been so much good and such well-structured information in one place.


At the Cologne Startup-Incubator Startplatz we help founders to choose the right technologies for their projects. Almost all start-ups these days have to deal with information technology, but not all prospective entrepreneurs are familiar enough with it. We believe that more powerful and reliable technologies make the world a better place. That's why we offer our free initial consultation not only to start-ups, but also to established companies.

Pathos on Rexus

We care about both science as well as trainees. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to support a scientific student project. Pathos is the test of an optical system to support the position control of satellites within the Rexus research program. Because we can’t let go of the topic of space travel, Pathos on Rexus fits perfectly to us.

Trainees welcome

For our software projects we use powerful technologies, and real experts are hard to find. Therefore it’s obvious that we train the next generation. Our trainees don’t spend the day at the coffee maker, but get involved in our projects as quickly and as completely as possible. We think it’s important that they gain practical experience. As part of our training program, we regularly offer in-house training courses, which are also open to other employees, and optimise the internal training programme at the same time.