Hi, we are bevuta. We solve problems.

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For our customers we develop digital products and software for complex questions. In the new development, porting and automation of business processes, we provide our customers with in-depth advice and together we find the individual solution that the respective situation requires. Subsequently, we develop and integrate this solution in an agile and lean process. We do all this in cooperation with our client. We would also be happy to operate the product for you.

Our promise

We promise our customers one thing. And you can hold us to it. What you receive from us is a contemporary, performant, stable and safe product.

The software we develop on behalf of our customers is always state of the art. We keep a close eye on the latest developments in computer science and focus early on new and yet solid programming languages and frameworks. This enables us to develop products that are trend-setting in their field. At the same time, we value the tried and tested, so we use databases with a long history and encryption procedures that have been tested and proven many times over.


Our customers can rely on the software we develop – that is our claim. That is why we attach great importance to stability and reliability.

We succeed in keeping this promise thanks to our developers. They are the basis for stable software. They have an in-depth understanding of the technologies used and know which tool is best for the task in question – regardless of whether it is the programming language to be used or the most secure cryptographic library.

We work according to the cross-check principle. Each newly written code is first checked in detail by another developer. Only then is the code used. Conscientious testing is another important factor when guaranteeing the stability and reliability of your software.


Time is a precious commodity. Therefore we attach great importance to the fact that the software we write for you does its job as efficiently as possible. A good understanding of the problem, the right technologies and correct and efficient algorithms are the key factors here. Naturally, this also means that the architecture of the software and the infrastructure is designed in such a way that it can be adapted quickly and easily to new challenges.


Security plays a central role in the development of software or the operation of an infrastructure. Whether it is the reliability of operation or the security of customer data – we focus on proven technologies that we understand. For the operating systems, software libraries and databases that reliably store and retrieve this data.

Agile development

We believe in a healthy mix of planning and agile software development. This allows us to create short development cycles and still make well-considered decisions. The result is a high-quality product at a reasonable cost.

At the same time, we can react quickly and flexibly to changing market requirements, additional customer requests and new ideas. But also to a changed technical environment such as new interfaces.

This lean, low-risk and undogmatic process has proven itself many times in the past, as it is the result of almost 20 years of project experience.

Our technologies


We rely on Git for version control and source code management. This allows our team to work together safely and efficiently on the projects.


CHICKEN Scheme is one of our favourite programming languages. It is based on an MIT standard; one of our team members designed and implemented the Chicken compiler and interpreter. Today there are several dozen people working on this project. We value it as a very portable, high-performance and dynamic high-level language.


Erlang is a programming language that allows the very simple implementation and high availability of the product. Reason enough to use it to develop server software.


NixOS is a Linux distribution based on the software management tool Nix. Features such as reliable, simultaneous updates for different software versions make it the preferred development environment for our developers.

Facebook React

React is a framework developed by Facebook. We like to use it to develop the user interface for web applications. The big advantage is that React works seamlessly with other technologies that we value, such as ClojureScript.


PostgreSQL is a very fast, stable, versatile and reliable relational (SQL) and document-oriented (NoSQL) database. Its liberal open source license is as user-friendly as the support of all relevant operating systems.


Ruby is a programming language that enables the pleasant and efficient development of software products. Designed by a developer for developers, it offers exactly what we value most.


Clojure is a functional programming language based on JVM. As a modern LISP, it offers our developers all the advantages of this language family, as well as all the advantages of the large Java world. Similarly, ClojureScript offers us a convenient and efficient way to program web browsers.


Many companies use the Java programming language and therefore the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). For us, the Java ecosystem, thanks to many excellent libraries, is a good choice for the development of new projects.


We operate our notebooks, servers and mobile phones with Linux-based systems. For us, this is the best environment for developing and operating software.


SQLite is a database library for numerous common programming languages. We value its lightweight use in mobile devices or embedded devices such as set-top boxes or machine controls.


Rails is the prototype of the modern web framework and is based on the Ruby programming language. Rails has formed the basis of many of our projects since 2006.


GitLab is a web application for the version management of software projects. It helps us to keep the overview from a technical point of view and to carry out our binding code reviews.


Debian is a free operating system based on Linux that has been doing its job reliably since 1993. The advantage of Debian is the large number of available applications and tools. We especially like to use Debian to run servers.


Python is a universal programming language that is easy to learn and read. We like Python for its wide range of application possibilities. Especially in projects that process large amounts of data (big data) or use artificial intelligence, Python shows its strengths.


As a company, we do not operate under laboratory conditions. We are part of society and everything we do has an impact on society. This entails responsibility – responsibility that we meet with fundamental convictions.

bevuta IT GmbH believes in an open, diverse and free society. We will reject projects which, in our opinion, are likely to sustainably impair the openness, diversity and freedom of our coexistence. The same applies to our collaboration with any business partners whose support for these basic values we have reason to doubt.

bevuta IT GmbH employs developers and other IT specialists, social workers and linguists. We employ people with and without disabilities, school failures as well as A+ high school graduates and people with doctorates. Here you will find people with different skin colours, different sexual orientations and identities – in other words, diversity. But they all have one thing in common: they are really good at what they do.

We are also convinced that the only way we can tackle our planet's major problems is by turning our energy and transport systems around. We use efficient computers, energy-saving code and renewable energies. We champion electric mobility, autonomous driving, priority for cyclists, ridesharing and intelligent intermodality.

Our partners and friends


A project by Sebastian Cohnen, who is an expert on large-scale load tests. He uses his StormForger to test large offerings in the media sector with several million simulated users. His tests also helped us with sayHEY.

Genuin4 Digital Relations

Corporate communications in Cologne. For the web. genuin4 communicates content and messages in a meaningful and targeted way. Corporate topics become stories. Thoroughly researched and excitingly told. With text, image and web video. Using the means provided by the Internet.


Sascha Ludwig & Friends organise the telephony on all important hacker events and also other events in and around Germany. The network only functions sometimes, telephone always. In addition, Eventphone runs a flying Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise, which is operational within a few hours. We contribute some of the call numbers.


Snom Technology AG manufactures high-performance IP telephones that we use in numerous setups. Together with snom, we have already implemented several projects such as the World Cup/Euros ticker and the Advent calendar. We also write applications for snom phones.


Storrito is an editor to create Instagram Stories. Like us, Storrito uses Clojure and is based in Cologne. Brothers in spirit.

PC Office Cologne

PC Office Cologne are specialists in computer hardware and have been our partners for over 15 years.