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About bevuta IT

The bevuta IT provides you with professional and reliable solutions for your business. New development, porting existing software or automation of business processes - we give extensive advice.

With your help, we develop solutions in an agile and effective process. We will gladly discuss in person with you whether one of our standard products fits your needs or whether a customized solution is more suitable to you.

What and who we are

bevuta IT exists since 1999 and is a company young at heart with a mainly young team. Our projects are always 'bleeding edge', i.e. with state of the art technology and therefore at the intersection of economy and science -

for example with cryptographic procedures only recently published by leading scientists as well as with LISP, one of the most important scientific programming languages. With this conception we implement innovative and future-oriented solutions.

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eco e.V. Logo

eco e.V.

We are a member of eco e.V. as well, the society of the German Internet business. One might wonder why, because mainly internet and network infrastructure businesses are organized within eco e.V. While that’s true, the society stands up for a free and neutral internet without surveillance. Since we grew up with the net, this is of vital importance to us.

Astropeiler Logo


Astropeiler is a fascinating piece of history of technology. Technology is not only a means to an end but long since an important part of our culture. We therefore strive to preserve ‘old’ technology, too. Furthermore, this astonishing radio telescope providesaccess to the universe for the general public like it is rarely possible. More than enough reason for us to support Astropeiler e.V.-- Podcast about Astropeiler (German).

Wikipedia Logo


For us, Wikipedia is the modern Library of Alexandria. Never before was there so much well structured and high-quality information available in one “place”. Knowledge is power and free knowledge is power for all of us. That is why we support Wikipedia not only content-wise but financially, as well.

Startplatz Logo


We support founders to select the right technologies for their enterprise at the Cologne based startup incubator Startplatz. Nearly all startups rely on technology these days, but not all budding entrepreneurs are familiar with it. We think that more powerful and reliable technologies could make the world a better place. That is reason for us to offer initial consultation for free - not only for startups but for established enterprises, as well.

Pathos on Rexus Logo

Pathos on Rexus

Since both Science and trainees are near and dear to us it was a no-brainer to support a scientific student project as well. PATHOS is a project for the testing of an optical system to aid the position control of a satellite as part of the REXUS research programme. It thus goes well with our other space related activities.

IHK Logo


Like every other business of our sector in Germany, we are member of the IHK, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. However, we do not consider it an onerous obligation but rather an opportunity. We participate in various events of the Chamber and share our knowledge. As a company that takes on trainees we are in close contact with the Chamber in that context, as well.

Training company

We as a company do have our very own philosophy and employ powerful technologies for which there is not much “premade” personell. That obviously makes it a good idea to invest in trainees. We do have three of them at the moment. If feasible, they work on real projects together with the rest of the team. As a part of our apprenticeship program we regularly organize educational meetings that are open to all members of our team.


Mobile OS sharesAverage age of employeesCoffee and Mate drinkers share3 TraineesBash vs. ZshVim vs. Emacs

Our partners and friends


A project of Sebastian Cohnen, an expert in big scale load testing. With StormForger he tests mainly big services from the media sector with a couple of million simulated users. He assists us with his tests with our sayHEY project.


The Univention GmbH is our partner for infrastructure solutions based on Linux. Our signature product hana ICT is connected with the Univention Corporate Server (UCS) through various APIs. UCS is in our view the outstanding German enterprise Linux distribution. First and foremost it convinces with its integrated identity and infrastructure management.


The Sectoor GmbH provides IT services and consultancy in web hosting, server housing and web design as well as IT security. We work together with Sectoor in server housing/colocation and connectivity.

New Telco

New Telco is a service provider for telecommunications services and assists us with the TDM connectivity in the telephone carrier business.


Sascha Ludwig & Friends organise the telephony on all important hacker events and other activities. The telephone works, even if the network is down once again. In addition to that, Eventphone offers Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise, which is ready for use in a couple of hours only. We provide them with a part of the phone numbers.


Snom Technology AG provides powerful IP telephones, which we use in manifold setups. Together with snom, we have realized different projects like the WC/EC ticker or the Advent calendar. We also implement applications for snom telephones.


hiStream Systems is a Berlin-based company for information and communications technologies. In a joint venture with hiStream Systems we have developed the telephone system hana ICT.


Friends from ours that commit themselves completely to consultancy and development with Clojure. Go to them or come to us ;)

PC Office Cologne

PC Office Cologne is a specialist in computer hardware and our partner for over 15 years.